General Adult Health Services

At Foresight Care and Aesthetics, we understand the diverse needs of adults at every stage of life. We aim to promote wellness, encourage healthy habits, and support you in achieving your health goals. Our preventative care services are designed to identify potential health risks early, allowing for timely intervention and management. These services inform you about your health status and empower you to make informed decisions that positively impact your well-being.

General Adult Health Services in Navarre, FL

The Purpose of Preventative Health

Rather than waiting for symptoms to emerge, preventative health encourages you to take control of your health. Preventative health consists of actions, choices, and medical interventions aimed at detecting potential health risks early and taking steps to address them before they escalate. It is particularly effective in addressing chronic conditions, which often develop silently over time. Through early detection and management, many chronic conditions can be effectively controlled.

How Often Should I See a Primary Care Doctor?

Regular check-ups allow doctors an opportunity to assess your overall health, detect potential issues early, and receive personalized guidance on maintaining or improving your well-being.

For most adults, visiting a primary care doctor 1-2 times a year is recommended to stay on top of your health. However, the frequency of visits can vary based on factors such as age, medical history, and the presence of chronic conditions.

What Does a Typical Appointment Look Like?

  • Greeting and Check-in – As you arrive at our facility, you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our care team members. They will check you in and show you to your room. Our care team members stay with patients during the appointment, all the way through checkout, to ensure a smooth and seamless visit where the needs of each individual are met. 
  • Assessment/Procedure – Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may undergo diagnostic tests, screenings, or treatments. Our team will create a safe and supportive environment, allowing you to openly share your health information and ask any questions you may have about the process.
  • After-Care Instructions – After your assessment or procedure, Dr. Sharon will provide you with clear and concise after-care instructions. These instructions are designed to help you manage your health after leaving our practice and to empower you with the information you need to take care of yourself at home.
  • Orders – In some cases, we may provide you with prescriptions, referrals to specialists, or orders for additional tests. These orders are tailored to your specific health needs and are designed to ensure your ongoing well-being.

Adult Health Services Offered at Foresight Care and Aesthetics

At Foresight Care and Aesthetics, we provide a comprehensive range of adult health services that cater to your diverse needs. Health issues can not always be categorized; contact us if you have questions about your specific condition or want to learn more about our general health services.

  • Chronic disease management – Our specialized chronic disease management programs are designed to help you effectively manage conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. 
  • Cardiac evaluation and management – Cardiac evaluation and management services encompass a range of diagnostic tests, screenings, and treatments to assess and address your cardiovascular health.
  • Pulmonary evaluation and management – Our pulmonary evaluation and management services focus on assessing lung function, diagnosing respiratory issues, and providing treatment plans to optimize your pulmonary health.
  • Orthopedic evaluation and management – Our orthopedic evaluation and management services are designed to address musculoskeletal concerns, provide pain relief, and enhance your physical function.
  • Diabetic evaluation and management – Diabetic evaluation and management services encompass regular monitoring, education, lifestyle adjustments, and personalized care plans to help you live well with diabetes.
  • Mental health evaluation and management – Mental health evaluations and management services offer assessments, counseling, and support to address various mental health concerns.
  • Acute illness and injury evaluation and management – When unexpected health issues arise, our acute illness and injury evaluation and management services provide prompt assessments, treatments, and guidance to help you recover quickly and effectively.
  • Occupational physical exams – Stay work-ready with our occupational physical exams, designed to assess your health in relation to your job requirements and ensure your safety and well-being in your occupational environment.
  • Cancer screening – Early detection is key in cancer management. Our cancer screening services can detect various types of cancer, such as colon, breast, cervical and more, allowing for timely intervention and improved outcomes.
  • Immunizations – Protect yourself against preventable diseases with our immunization services. We provide recommended vaccines to ensure your immunity and safeguard your health.
  • Neurological exams – Our neurological exams assess the health of your nervous system, helping us identify potential issues and provide appropriate management.
  • Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat (HEENT) Exams – Comprehensive exams of your head and sensory organs ensure your overall health.
  • Gastrointestinal exams – Our gastrointestinal exams focus on the health of your digestive system, addressing concerns and ensuring your digestive wellness.
  • Joint exams – Joint health is crucial for mobility. Our joint exams assess joint function and provide strategies for maintaining healthy joints.
  • Musculoskeletal exams – Comprehensive musculoskeletal exams help us understand your body’s structural health, allowing us to provide tailored care.
  • Skin lesions and disease exams – Our skin exams detect and address skin lesions and diseases, promoting skin health and overall well-being.

Adult Health Exams in Navarre, FL

Our adult health services are designed to empower you to take charge of your health journey. If you have questions about our practice or are interested in our health services, schedule an appointment at Foresight Care and Aesthetics in Navarre, FL. Dr. Sharon and his team will work with you to understand your health goals and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve them.